Online Emergency Yoga

I have finally got myself in order and I’m starting to do some classes online on YouTube. I feel like an eejit doing this but sure, since I’m going around looking like the wreck of the Hespers, eating and drinking my way through Ireland’s food stocks, haven’t brushed my hair in a couple of weeks and am incapable of wearing anything that doesn’t include an oil-based stretch product; this’ll be just one more string to my mak-a-hames-of-it bow.

Here are the details. Please send any complaints to my Om Shanti Management Team. 🙂

From Wednesday April 15th classes will be live-streamed on YouTube at 12 midday every day. Some videos will remain available on the channel for re-watching afterwards. These classes are by donation with no obligation. I understand completely that many people are in a bad financial position with what’s going on. So, if you do feel that you would like to pay something for the class and you are in a position to so, please keep donations to single digits. You can donate by Paypal if you have a Paypal account, or by Revolut, number 086 794 1624.  Here’s the YouTube Channel. Estelle Birdy Yoga Online

Please remember that classes online are no substitute for practising together in a class setting but sure, we have to give it a go. Stay safe and well out there.

*****All Public Yoga Classes At The Wisdom Centre Are Postponed Due To The Covid-19 Crisis. We will return as soon as public health advice indicates that it is safe to do so*****

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