Photo EstelleDelighted to say that in-person classes start back at The Wisdom Centre, off Cork Street, on Monday 20th September and Tuesday 21st September at 7.15pm. Places are strictly limited, so please call, text or message through the website for details and to reserve your place.

Welcome to my yoga website. Estelle Birdy Yoga – teaching yoga and meditation to adults, teens and kids in Dublin since 2004. I teach regular weekly yoga classes. I teach both children and teens in schools, and provide private yoga classes for individuals and small groups. Keep an eye on the website for upcoming special events and extended workshops. Over my decades of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, I’ve found that these practices have brought me joy and a sense of freedom.  They have also challenged me on many occasions. In my practice, I recognise that I am only human and that the practice is not about fancy postures, speaking in sanskrit or cool leggings. It’s actually about realism. About strengthening your body and mind to deal with life as it actually is. Life is not one long positivity party. Sometimes life is difficult. There are ups and downs for everyone. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness have helped me to understand that sometimes there is pain and sorrow and sometimes there is pure unadulterated joy; that’s life. These practices have helped me turn up and deal with all the stuff that happens, the good, the bad, the ugly, as best I can (and have a good time doing it). I hope to share what I’ve learned in my classes and workshops.