Class Descriptions

Oil Burner Hans Vivek

Public Yoga Classes-Evenings

These are friendly, mixed-ability classes. While the classes are often strong, posture variations are given for different levels of experience. The emphasis is on having an enjoyable experience, in a safe, welcoming environment. You will be asked to challenge yourself mentally and physically but always within your own safe limits. Classes are suitable for reasonably fit people of any age. If you have a specific injury or physical issue, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss what we can do to accommodate you or refer you to another class. We practice pranayama, physical yoga postures, meditation and relaxation in every class. We begin with a short centering, relaxation and warm up, flow through strong stabilising standing and sitting postures and finish our physical work with calming, soothing still, Yin or Restorative Yoga Postures. We endeavour to calm and soothe the nervous system to aid restful sleep. We meditate and relax at various times throughout the class but always finish with an extended period of rest and relaxation, Yoga Nidra.

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are tailored to the individual’s needs. We will go through all issues which may affect your practice and work together so that a yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice that is specifically designed for your needs, evolves. Examples of people who have taken private classes with me are, busy working people who simply can’t guarantee that they can get to a scheduled class, athletes seeking specific yoga training designed to align with their sports goals, people recovering from debilitating injury and illness, those seeking to recover from mental illness including anxiety and depression, expectant mothers. Classes are arranged in the comfort of your own home but can also be arranged in a designated yoga space outside of your home. All yoga equipment is provided for the class and you will be given a written practice to work on in your own time.

Children’s Yoga Classes

Children’s Yoga classes are fun from start to finish. Yoga is practiced through story, specifically the Irish myths and legends (we throw in a few Greek, Indian and Norse ones too), song and dance. We stretch our bodies and minds in a playful, joyful way.

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