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Classes are exclusively on Zoom at the moment. The Zoom Meeting ID is 790 624 5690. Please see below for details, costs etc. Please don’t hesitate to give me a shout if you’ve any questions.


Live classes return, in person at The Wisdom Centre and beamed through the ether (Zoom) from there from Monday 14th September. As there can only be 5 participants per class at the moment at The Wisdom Centre (this is likely to change in the next few weeks), Zoom will allow us to have a greater number and to have something of the live class experience from home.  This is probably going to be a shambles in the early stages, but hey, this is 2020, so we’ll all just have to be relaxed about it. I’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Please note the earlier class start time. Additionally, we are to use the Brick Lane, Wisdom Centre entrance. This is to prevent us walking through the housing complex. Brick Lane is the narrow lane where the new student accommodation is. It is now well lit and safe. Please remember that there will be no cushions, mats or blankets available to use for hygiene reasons. So bring whatever props and cosy things you’d like with you.

If you are booked into the in-person classes and you become ill in anyway, even just a sniffle) please switch to the Zoom class until you feel better.

Current Public Yoga Classes

Monday: 19.00-20.15 The Wisdom Centre, Sophia Housing, 25 Cork Street, Dublin 8

Tuesday: 19.00-20.15 The Wisdom Centre, Sophia Housing, 25 Cork Street, Dublin 8

Classes are run in sessions. The next session is 6 weeks long with the option to book individual classes.

Rates: 6 Classes During The Current Session €70

Pay as you go €15 Per Class

Payment by cash (for in person participants only) Paypal (estellebirdy@gmail.com) or Revolut (086 7941624). Please pay in advance for Zoom classes.

Please Call or Text to book 086 7941624 or through the contact form.

Private Yoga Classes

Private yoga classes are arranged at a mutually convenient time in your own home or in a *designated yoga room.

First Consultation and Class 1h45 €85

Further Classes 1 Hour €60

*Additional Charge Applies

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